Orthotics are sometimes used to assist in treating biomechanical, alignment or structural issues or to improve the way your feet or lower limbs function or perform. Orthotics are specialised insoles that fit inside footwear and they vary greatly in the material used and whether they are prefabricated or customised prescription orthotics. An evidence- based approach is always applied to orthotic therapy at South East Sydney Podiatry and they are only suggested as a treatment option if clinically indicated.

Prefabricated "off-the-shelf" orthotics can be fitted at the time of consultation and come in a range of sizes, thickness, arch contour and materials etc. Although prefabricated, these orthotics can still be modified or adjusted if needed by a podiatrist to better suit your requirements. At South East Sydney Podiatry we currently stock a range of prefabricated orthotics which usually range from $75.00 - 100.00.

Custom- moulded prescription orthotics are made by taking a plaster mould or foam impression of your feet. The orthotics are then made from these moulds and findings from your biomechanical assessment, as well as consideration of the footwear in which they are intended be be worn in. Custom- moulded orthotics can be made from a variety of different materials according to your specific requirements. Eg. An orthotic for a severely over-pronating teen playing representative sport will be completely different to a high-risk diabetic patient who needs pressure offloading from certain areas underneath each foot. Ensuring you have a comfortable orthotic is paramount. Custom-moulded orthotics are more durable than prefabricated orthotics, usually last for many years even with heavy use, and can be adjusted by your podiatrist if required. The complete cost of the custom-moulded prescription orthotics including initial/biomechanical consult and casting, as well as a fitting and 1 month review appointment is $470.00

Excessively pronated foot without an orthotic
Excessively pronated foot with a customised orthotic in place